La morte di Adone

La morte di Adone

Death of Adonis

At 8:46 am on 11 September 2001, the world stood still for a few long moments, multiplied endlessly on television around the world , two airliners crashed a short distance from each of the time ' another , into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. The victims of the attack on the twin towers were 2,749 . The tragedy that struck the "Big Apple" (Manhattan and then , by extension, New York), stabbing her to death , resulted in the death and injury of thousands of innocent civilians and a global economic crisis of enormous scope , which still continues . It brings together the myth of Adonis, a young man of extraordinary beauty, beloved by Venus. According to legend , wounded by mistake by one of the arrows of Cupid, Venus fell in love with Adonis, spending their days hunting with him and neglecting his duties as divine . The goddess , who knew the fate of the boy, had repeatedly suggested that Adonis rifuggisse aggressive beasts . One day, while Adonis was alone on the hunt , his dogs sniffed the traces of a wild boar : the handsome hunter , heedless of the warnings of Venus, after chasing him , hit him without killing him. The ferocious wild boar attacked him and stabbed him to death. From the tears of Venus, rushed desperate , born of roses , while the blood of Adonis were born anemones , flowers of very short duration , whose petals are dispersed by the wind shortly after flowering ( the name derives from the greek anemos which means "wind " ) . The young and handsome Adonis mythical imagination is the symbol of the transience of human life and the precariousness of earthly goods , issues that arise in the center of the reflection of Petrarch , whose work is a melancholy account of the passage of time and the uncertainty of the human condition : " All my life it seems to me nothing more than a dream and a fleeting ghost light " ( Petrarch, Epistolae de rebus familiaribus , 2, 9). In the Canzoniere , his poetic work that is universally known Petrarch 's love for Laura is central , driving force around which the spiritual life of the poet. Laura is not only the woman you want, but the symbol of earthly things and of their fragility , that breaks down at the prospect of eternal :
"Mr. ' , targeted as ' the time flies ,
et is like life
flees , et death is something over the shoulders.
You are here now , think of the game ( to death) :
because the soul (the soul ) naked and alone
conventional ch'arrive to that doubtful ( insidious ) calle ( path : death ) . "
Hence the perception of a lack of meaning and a sense of futility , which is at the root of the " live bitter sweet " witnessed by the Canzoniere .
Now , without regard to the seriousness of events such as the tragedy of the Twin Towers, is being done to wonder if the real human drama is inherent , innate in the brevity of its existence on Earth. In fact , death and the transience of earthly things are inevitable and incontrovertible phenomena , inherent to the very concept of existence. The answer to the previous question is to be found in the work of Luigi Pirandello , which deals with the issue of exclusion and the eradication of modern man. His reflection on the appointment existential distress caused by the loss of values ​​and the inevitable depersonalization induced by the diffusion of the machine civilization . According to Pirandello's the essence of life is the continuous flow , the perpetual becoming, therefore , to "fix " the flow is not living . Pirandello's The hero is a man defeated , crushed by the tragic impossibility of escaping the conventions of society. The Sicilian writer is in his works the opposition mask / face. The man is not "nobody", its individuality does not exist, yet he finds himself continually and consciously defined in forms in which it is impossible to recognize , masks that are essential to secure any social identity , but which are as " traps " from which they can not escape. Man, therefore , quite unable to reconcile and form, can only look live, examine the outside, such as split , sensing the absurdity of habitual gestures that imposes its mask : life in modern society is not more that " a huge pupazzata ."

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Rudolf Lichtenegger
6 years ago
Great work, great meaning, great text!!!!

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