Contemporary life is stressful, people are hassled, and problems are everywhere. Yet when, after a hectic day, one looks out onto the infinite sea one is met by unmatched beauty and restfulness as the benevolent full moon watches and protects, and the night embraces and cradles.
A cloudless night sky of a spatial blue that contains a distinctive quality of celestial light, purveyed for by the divine radiance of the Moon and the stars that are rendered here, but also emerging from the depths of infinity, - "This dim light that falls from the stars" -Corneille -, are characteristic of the Mediterranean seafront and of Martine's work, making it instantly identifiable and accessible. Whilst the moon fills a function in the lighting and composition of the painting, supplemented by the light that is embedded in the color itself, it’s full shape and divine radiance evoke integrity, generosity, warmth, while the shining stars and the bright horizon elicit serenity, purity and hope, an opportunity for respite from the idiosyncrasies of this world.
With this compelling rendering the artist, powerfully releasing her feelings and positive energy, invites the viewer hospitably to forget the asperities of this world, to sit down, relax, and listen to the music of infinity...
Dimensions: H. x W.: 100 cm x 81 cm; framed, wood with gold leaf: H. x W.: 103 cm x 84 cm

Year: 2013

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martine martel
6 years ago
martine martel Artist, Business, Painter
Grazie mille Andrea!
Andrea Albonetti
6 years ago

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