The inspiration was drawn from harsh life experience of my beautiful late mother on her death bed of cancer in 1986 to the 9/11, 2001 attack cross-pollinating with Rubens work, Hall of the Damned This work first manifested itself in a print, a woman falling through space and a wall sculpture . Later through the prop of a rectangular cube sculpture of perspex dangling dogfood with fish hooks, a signifier of the human condition, the trapped within the Corbusier designed contemporary World Trade centre ,a Capitalist obelisk expressing an obsession with the dark, black and human theatre of the macabre confronting global terrorism, heaven and hell adding colour by the use of light, bringing forth the messianic phenomena from death to rebirth inherent in the universal myth from the bird Fenghuang , Bennu, Brahma and Phoenix. Shakespeare wrote in the Tempest that in Arabia, ‘There is one tree, the phoenix’ throne, one throne .At this hour reigning there

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11 years ago
nadzan Artist
cabbage that work, very intriguing! ... perceptual stimuli that relate to a balance ... I like the inner peace to give meaning .... congratulations for mastery in the lights, sound and video!
Ciaran Magill
11 years ago
Ciaran Magill Artist
Another Masterpiece, you got my vote!
Vlasta  Mijac
11 years ago
Vlasta Mijac Artist
Thank you for this expirience, as like mine recently,when my Grandmother died,but with rich life expirience as like heroine moment into the shadows of the II WW.
Thank you..On this way, we can understand our lives as like legend,as like memory of the Love under all those pression,supression,depression, of the real meaning of human being indeed.How knows maybe art answering on these questions...On this way we can sublime the struggles and find out the real way of humanity...maybe sacred way to.

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