The Lid

Video, Beauty, Landscape, Short film, 4:15
I use new technologies to represent myself and to actively build my own identity. Although unlike many artists, I chose not to film my body or anyone's else because I am focused on the relashionship I have with the world. I am not interested in people but how they interact with the world.

Through my digital camera, I would like to show my relationship to the world, to the landscape, here to the cosmos, because I feel that it tells a lot more about myself as an artist. I do not think that any biographical approach would be interesting for the public in my case. With this video, I wondered about what kind of gesture could be relevant as a human being that faces the cosmic, but the short following text will explain it better :

Francois Roux (b. 1988, lives and works in Brussels) touches cosmic questions in an earthly way. In his new video, titled The Lid (Still Spinnin' Version, 2013), he has a reverent but disenchanted look on the substance that lies above our heads and we dream to touch, never succeeding. Francois Roux is attracted by the untouchable and insurmountable life phenomena, and by every contradiction they hide inside. He shows the immensity at its zero grade, in its irreducible poetics. A fresco of dancing images, made out of distant stars and small gestures, as attempts to touch them.

Written by Michela Alessandrini, for exhibition "Des Coquilles et des Mondes", Galerie de l'ERG, Brussels (Belgium), 2013.

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