Fashion Hysteria. The important thing is to appear. In pictures.

Fashion Hysteria. The important thing is to appear. In pictures.

Andy Warhol said that everyone is entitled to his fifteen minutes of fame. Nowadays this time is even shorter: it is that of a camera click. During fashion week, the real show is outside the location – where before each show, dozens of bloggers armed with cameras chase the more fashionable look. This is the way of the fake street style made by people famous for being famous on fashion blogs. A moment of celebrity built on clothes mostly provided by the fashion houses and worn on the occasion creates a short circuit already at the end of its breath.

Photo 1: Paris, Jardin des Tuileries. Outside the tent where some shows took place during the Paris Fashion Week in March 2013. Bloggers and photographers are mass around the celebrity of the moment. For the most part, however, these are momentary celebrities unknown to most, arriving at the fashion show in carefully selected attires, ment to to attract the attention of photographers and bloggers. Once published the photo, the blogger asks the photographed that, in turn, they post on their Facebook page and on Instagram, self-expanding the circuit that feeds the phenomenon.
Photo 2: Paris. Before the Fausto Puglisi for Ungaro show. Anna Dello Russo, fashion director of Vogue Japan, with a great sense of humor take photographs of bloggers who photograph her, creating a short circuit "you take photos of me meanwhile I take pictures of you." Anna Dello Russo, in fact is one of the pioneers of this phenomenon, although it has been imitated by many (men and women) she remains unrivaled and unmatched, at the top of the most photographed.
Photo 3: Paris. The scene is repeated on regularly basis before and after each show. Cameras pointed at anyone who awakes attention. And often, among photographers and bloggers may sneak spirited ladies entertaining their daily walks. After all, if someone has pointed their lenses towards a person, that person should be definitely somebody famous – must have thought the lady... So it is worth photographing.
Photo 4: Paris. Entrance of the Grand Palais. At the end of the Chanel fashion show, everybody is around the young Russian girl known to everyone as she changes her clothes for every fashion show (one every hour). Nobody knows her name and what she does although she is present at most shows in the calendar. And, at every defile, she is posing generously.
Photo 5: Paris. Entrance to the Cour Carree of Louvre, before the Louis Vuitton show. Fashion editors or buyers from Asia are the most photographed because they have the ability to concentrate in one look all that is fashionable. Often getting overdressed, which is much admired by bloggers. The latter do not realize who is passing behind them. Look at the next picture ...
Photo 6: Paris. Entrance to the Cour Carree of Louvre, before the defile of Louis Vuitton. In a general indifference is arriving Bernard Arnault, head of LVMH group which owns labels like Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy, Celine and other cult brands, with his daughter, Delphine, escorted by bodyguards. There is no shadow of bloggers: this proves that what counts is not fame, but the appearance of fame.
Photo 7: Paris. Place de Iena. Before the Miu Miu show. Guest of the show appears January Jones, the actress who plays Betty Draper in the TV series Mad Men. As in other cases, when there are real celebrities bloggers disappear and their place is taken by professional photographers.
Photo 8: Paris. Jardin des Tuileries. It seems just a gimmick, yet attention grabbing: three girls with the same hairstyle (and the same trick) look into lenses. Often it suffices one blogger to start taking pictures to attract everyone else’s attention.
Photo 9: Paris. Place de Iena. Before the Miu Miu show. In the absence of better, even a sweater in dégradé is worth photographing.
Photo 10: Paris, Place Vendôme. In an area adjacent to the square is about to begin the Giambattista Valli show. Bloggers are all waiting for the arrival of fashion editors. In the square several photographers and fans surround Isabelle Huppert, French actress, dressed in a certain normality that today is innate only to the true divas.

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