Lambda print on Dibond
130x130 cm
Sculpture paste Rossetto_Red Devil
The Silver Mirror Project
Silvio Giordano

eu ( good) and daimon (demon)
Pull out your Daimon . The “good demon ” . Their virtues to flourish .
If in the course of your life demon has a good (eu) realization is achieved happiness (eu - daimonia ), which therefore does not lie outside us in achieving the things of the world ( pleasure, satisfaction, health , prestige, money ) but in the success of himself, because, as Democritus explains : ” Happiness and unhappiness are the phenomena of the soul” … which feels pleasure or displeasure to exist depending on whether you feel it or you do not feel fulfilled. The realization of self is therefore the decisive factor for happiness.
The classical idea of happiness eudaimonica is , therefore , very different from the idea , dominant today , happiness as a synonym for pleasure ( hedonic happiness ) . Eudaimonica happiness is tied to ” human flourishing ” , to self- righteous , obtained , that is, in a context of civil coexistence and through ethical behavior .

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