Trapped no. 3 (boy in a container)

Installation, Political / Social, Human figure, Landscape, Video installation, 50x75x50cm
(perspex container, water, video projection /film loop)
A young boy in a transparent container is fighting endlessly against the waves. Although he will never defeat them, his battle remains tireless end endless.
The representation of psychological states by means of metaphorical images is the topic of the video-sculptures in the Trapped series.
They focus in particular on a feeling of mental imprisonment. Narrow spaces, edged metal containers and iron windows form the framework, the prison. Within these restricting limits the figures move under or above the viewer. The sense of being trapped in your own skin, experiencing your own limits and the constant repetition of the same psychological processes are the recurring manifestations of this mental imprisonment.

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Jan Graber
9 years ago
Jan Graber Art lover
quasi perfetto!
Analía  Amaya
9 years ago
Analía Amaya Artist
beautiful, poetic
9 years ago
Exhibitionow Artist
Davvero interessante.
Giovanni Oscar Urso
9 years ago
Semplice ed efficace. Complimenti!
I vote it.
Amy Galloway
9 years ago
Amy Galloway Artist
Love your work!
matthias bünzli
9 years ago
matthias bünzli Art lover
Paul Sucksmith
9 years ago
Top piece of work, well done and good luck.
Kalos & Klio
9 years ago
Kalos & Klio Artist
excellent !!!

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