Installation, Fantasy / Visionary, Video installation, 12x3x12cm
Videotellurium is a grand, full-scale sculptural representation of a Tellurium (engl.Orrery) – a mechanical model of the planets and moons the solar system. Katja’s sculpture uses weather balloons as the planets. Orbiting video projectors suggest satellites or moons and project video images onto the planets. The Videoplanets circle the ‘sun’ at the center point of the room at different speeds and in different directions.
The projected video, shown on the surface of the weather balloons, consists of a bird’s-eye view of seemingly anonymous crowds of people that begin to perform structured choreographies. As if under a microscope viewers study them for meaning and see that they have formed letters and questions. Videotellurium inserts those questions into the DNA of the planets. These questions are combined with scenes, where the people become numbered parts of an enormous machine of synchronized movement. The group is forming abstract kaleidoscopic patterns, forms and shapes.
The Videotellurium will be built in several variations. The video sculpture consists of various parts and can be adjusted to the space in size and shape. The video documentation shows a first prototype.

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Alfonso Siracusa
10 years ago
very good,votate by!

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