Facciamo che io ero... una bambina

Facciamo che io ero... una bambina

Digital Photography, Beauty, Portrait, Digital, 40x40cm
This photo is part of a series of shots that testify to a private performance of the play- psychological theme: "we do that ... I was a little girl."

The idea was to evoke childhood through the "role play" and the use of disguises.
The photo was intended to document the path that would lead women, now mature and mothers, to regain its image childish.
During the performance, there was, as expected, a reversal of roles: instead of seeing girls who play "to make the ladies" a group of ladies playing to "do the girls." Gradually there has stripped (even physically) its image adult to search for a different identity, just as he would a child.
The portraits that are derivatives evidenced by the fickleness of the perception of the self, torn between the memory of adolescent identity unstable and ever changing, awareness of self and the need for a virtual public, approved and impersonal.

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4 years ago
foto fresca e spigliata
Giovanni Longo
4 years ago
scatto e concetto affascinanti, brava Silvia.. ;)
Silvia Abbiezzi
4 years ago
Grazie Andrea. Ho visitato la tua pagina, mi piace il tuo lavoro. Bravo.
Andrea Albonetti
4 years ago
Mi piace

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