face_SCAPE reloaded 2047_ Homage to F Bacon

face_SCAPE reloaded 2047_ Homage to F Bacon

Digital Photography, Portrait, Portrait, Human figure, Mixed technique, 60x60x1cm
This is a visual philosophical statement to the contemporary question towards us as human beings and our so called identity and also a statement about the dialogue between the two dominant media of art production: th traditional painting and the very contemporary medium of photography. It is a question about our existence and it is a portrait of our being. It is a visual expression of our need to show our selfs everywhere and anywhere and always. I decided to bring it in an abstract form of a poirtrait to show our self as a kind of map. That`s why I always call my portraits SCAPES in reference to the so called land_scapes. This is a self_SCAPE reloaded 2047 and also a homage to the painter Francis Bacon.

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