BIMBARELLA / Up to the evanescence

BIMBARELLA / Up to the evanescence

BIMBARELLA / Up to the evanescence.
2010 / 2014

This series features an idealizating vision of feminine shape confronted with the instruments of cosmetic surgery which strives to refine it more and more.

Up to absolute asepsis, evanescence, disappearance.

Most of the violences against women occur in the intimate, family or professional surroundings, behind closed doors. But amongst all, cosmetic surgery is the most sneaky.

By the remarkable similarity of the pictures they publish, media and advertising spread worldwide normative criteria of feminine beauty which are imperative for all. Or almost.

"Bimbarella" is the third of four parts of the multimedia installation (photos / sculptures / video) entitled " Shameful Ex-voto / Ex-voto inconfessabili" dedicated to the threats which hang over women's freedom. For cultural, social or religious reasons.

These plates are excerpts from an artist's book realized on that occasion and intended for the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, in Paris.

On the last pages, the steel instruments (scalpel, fluted probe, decerebrating needle) are not surgical tools; they are designed for dissection and autopsy.

Woman, Beauty, Nude, Aesthetics, Violence, Religion, Relic, Porn chic, Contextualization.

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