Mask of African God of Connectedness / Unity of Diversity

Mask of African God of Connectedness / Unity of Diversity

This work belongs to the “Alphabets” series.
Each work in the series is dedicated to one language, nation, or culture. Blending in respect, love, and humor, each work illustrates specific characteristics, achievements, artistic style, and encases a hidden alphabet-as a symbols of human communication.

Designed to depict our collective unity, our innate ability to communicate using body language, and our balance with nature, this wooden sculpture is respectfully dedicated to Mother Africa and to all she has created: diverse flora and fauna, multiple tribes, nations, languages, wood carving art, rhythms, and spirituality. Africa believed to be the birthplace of Homo sapiens, the earliest human remains were found in modern day Ethiopia. The Ethiopian alphabet is considered the oldest writing system in Africa. The 33 main letters of the Ethiopian alphabet are disguised within the leopard’s spots.

An abstraction of Unity is represented by an enlarged mask displaying the interconnection between man, woman, animals, and plants. Central to the mask is a flower symbolizing universal love. This flower is embedded between the large overseeing compound eyes that represent the most numerous species on this planet—insects. The plants, insects and all animals are mutually dependent on one another for survival.
Serpents emerge from human heads, emulating the human spine and forming a large heart with the curves of their body.
All plants, animals and people of different shapes, textures and colors come together in a symphony of physical and spiritual energy, embodying the connection of all living and loving creatures. Their seeds/eggs are created with same ingredients, with slight variations of DNA, they all ultimately return to the same soil that nourished them for recycling.
They are all connected here in one layer of higher substance-Love.

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