Strong interaction

Strong interaction

The artist describes the beauty of the nature despite the continuous violences of the man: his works report in fact the disasters caused to the environment by the electromagnetic pollution.
Works metaphors of reflections, desire of report find themselves in dense and full-bodied colours, warm greens that are melted to silvery tonalities, lights and shades that dance among dense intrigues of leaves, while lines of flow cross the surface of the picture.
For Larocca, the many colored signs that as thunderbolts split that suggestive fragments of vegetation, represent the strength of a presence in fascinating faint light, but also terribly alarming.
Line-signs that quickly cross foreshortenings of green, apparently uncontaminated, and on which are superimposed bright touches of color that allow to shine through a form of an internal life: signals, announcements, visions that, with a thin shiver, invite us to understand the abuse of power of the man on the nature……(Francesca Londino)

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Ronnie Tres Reyes
10 years ago
very strong visual and message!
10 years ago
Alfy Artist
Ottimo lavoro...tema attualissimo e piuttosto delicato!

Per la riflessione che hai fatto sulle mie tele: non ci crederai ma quando ho visto i tuoi lavori ho pensato quasi la stessa cosa...anzi ti dirò di più per il mio prossimo progetto pittorico sto mettendo insieme idee e materiale con caratteristiche fortemente vicine a quelle delle tue opere...GIURO che non le avevo viste prima!!!!

CHE piacere conoscerti!...votato!

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