walking down the hallway

walking down the hallway

Painting, Emotion, Human figure, Oil, 50x70cm
There are hallways in life where we are not sure where they lead to, or even worse we know where they lead to but we are not ready (or willing) to walk down that path yet. An anchor point is in these cases a relief... something (or someone) you know will be there for you, won't give up on you... Sometimes just touching the wall next to you as you make yourself on the way is enough... Yet nothing makes the journey easier! The self persuasion about taking that first step towards the goal is the most important part of the journey after all...[I.R.S.]

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emilia rebuglio
4 years ago
Molto bella!
roberto gavazzi
4 years ago
Gianfranco ferlazzo
4 years ago
Very very nice...

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