Post OV1420P/4

Post OV1420P/4

Post OV1420P/4 is part of a series of works that processes a radical deconstructive practice of pictorial language. My research identifies the survey instrument for new aesthetic formal action of the fold. The fragile paper backing is covered entirely by a white paint that protects like a second skin. It is folded to reduce its surface without any constructive logic. Then it is reopened and remarked with a stroke of black paint over the folds. By doing so create, without any control, an unexpected textures in its form and changing over time.
The fold is seen not only as a wrinkle of paper, but as a result of shadow, which opens a new polarity between illusion (painting) and reality (light).
The work is folded into custody own specific packaging to be transported and installed anywhere retaining a previous memory.

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Lino Bianco
6 years ago
Molto interessante nella ricerca, ed i risultati sono di tutto rispetto. Bravissimo. Complimenti. Ciao,
Flora Unicum
6 years ago
Flora Unicum Artist
Complimenti per l'originalità di idea,coerente con l'espressività interiore e pittorica.

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