Skin N10

Skin N10

Skin N10 elaborates a radical deconstructive practice of pictorial language.
The tearing action is pure and free of control becomes a tool for investigation of new and unpredictable formal aesthetic solutions.
The rift is a change of direction subtractive than additive action of the pictorial gesture that creates the rough raw graphic from the material itself. This condition recalls the origins of the cave paintings of the Paleolithic going beyond the cyclical reassuring certain definitions.
"The research is nothing without the fiction."

Skin N10, 2014, tearing of white paint on paper, 50x70cm.

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Lino Bianco
6 years ago
Trovo che la tua interessantissima ricerca artistica sia molto intimista, e che con la non forma ed il non colori tu abbia espresso moltissime sensazioni ed emozioni. Trovo straordinario il tuo lavoro. Complimenti davvero. Ciao,
Gianpaolo Marchesi
6 years ago

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