La linea di confine

La linea di confine

The boundary line

The boundary that separates the present from the past sometimes measuring just a few meters.
This happens in the countryside of Romagna, where next to the old farmhouses were built " new homes " .
In fact, the sharecroppers Romagna once, have become owners of the land they cultivated and due to better economic conditions have built new homes and close to the beautiful old .
So it happens that the short distance that separates the two houses, is in fact a leap of centuries in the way of life.
Today, the old houses have been designed , in some cases, to agri-tourism activities , and more often used as storerooms for tools. But the careful eye know how to tell old stories of a world far away but close in time to the culture and ways of life.
Instead, the new home is the realization of the aspirations of the petty bourgeois ; new buildings have anonymous types , unrelated to each local context , can be found here either as the outskirts of any city in the north or the south.

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