pillars of ceaseless twiddling fixing fretting

pillars of ceaseless twiddling fixing fretting

My recent work is oil on paper collage using familiar and incidental abstract language as sign and symbol to express my experience of shared conditional existence as if writing a diary contemplating the cause and condition, thoughts, emotions & preconceived ideas about reality obscuring the recognition of the intrinsic awakened nature of mind we all share. I use paper as the ground. To me paper most imitates life, our minds and hearts. Once touched in any way there is a reflection, a response be it a finger print, a wrinkle, a rip,drip or tear which I use as part of the texture of language.

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Anna Di Leo
5 years ago
Anna Di Leo Artist
Very nice and interesting what you say about your relationship with the paper. I really think that for an artist can be like a second skin on your body.

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