"Consonances" is the result of a biblical and social research in which I tried to emphasize the symbolic elements that unite and enhance the positive role models inherent in the monotheistic religions.
In the long history of religions there are many common roots and traditions that come and draw from the same words written on the same books and with the same ethical and moral principles.
For this reason, we can and must overcome the periods of history in which religion has fomented wars and violence and find a common dialogue towards peace and social and cultural growth while respecting differences but with the desire to converge towards the common friendship.
The prolific territory of this land should also be protected and loved by man and should be maintained as enshrined in the covenant between God and man.

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5 years ago
EvoArtist Designer, Performer, Sculptor
Progetto di grande originalità espressiva e apprezzabile tecnica compositiva.

Il mio apprezzamento...

- EVO -
giulio micheletti
6 years ago
complimenti e auguri
Gianpaolo Marchesi
6 years ago
6 years ago
Bellissimo progetto, complimenti!!

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