Installation, Memory, Still life, Landscape, Textile, 34x28x44cm
Recovered clothing, beech wood, Plexiglas, 44x34x28; HDvideo transferred on Blu-ray DVD, colour, sound, 9’.11”; 2014

Deriva (Drift) is a composition of a work by Giuseppe De Mattia and a video by Luca Coclite. The work includes a transparent case containing clothes found along the coast of the lower Salento, stored to be preserved from the passing of time, and a video that captured a massive winter storm happening on the same land strip. De Mattia retrieves clothes found among the rocks below the old colony Scarciglia, at the end of Capo di Leuca. He collects them, washes them into the sea to bring them to a new life, and he finally takes care of them as if they were to be put in reuse.
Through a metaphorical and romantic gesture he takes care of something that got lost, abandoned, ripped off, and he transforms it into a relic of our times.  Coclite's video traces the iconography of the natural element "sea", with an emphasis on its dichotomous, physical and intellectual meaning . Those are the filters to be considered to achieve the spiritual and material well-being of every individual.
Within a constellation of antithetical symbols, ranging from Romanticism to the present, the Sea encompasses a myriad of meanings able to trigger undefined mixed feelings. For instance, in the negative sense, it represents the separation and
estrangement; a stormy sea might embody the reflection of human conflicts. At the same time, the sea perfectly expresses the desire of disengaging from social or community boundaries.
Crossing the sea is a painful and therapeutic trip towards a better life.
The art work was carried out thanks to the support of Ramdom, in the framework of the project “Investigation on the Extreme Lands”

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Andrea Ciresola
5 years ago
La cura per le cose banali è un Arte rara che trasforma le cose apparentemente banali in significanti. L'atto di questo tipo trasforma l'uomo in Uomo. Mi piace!

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