Privacy Street #3

Privacy Street #3

A work of recent years, a reflection resulted from hundreds of photographs taken on the streets of Naples and beyond.
Stolen shots of the city, the faces of the people, the lifeblood of a community.
Privacy Street offers a provocative reflection on the 'right click' on the question of legal discipline of photography of people in public places and the ability to use the images of the life of a community.
Yet the artists of 'Street Photography', the social photojournalism, born in America and in France and spread throughout the world, has produced extraordinary visual stories that have been told by William Klein, Robert Frank, Eugene Smith, Henri Cartier-Bresson Robert Doisneau, to mention only the most published. 'Privacy is an abstract concept, regulated by a law extremely restrictive for someone like me, runs continuously in the streets and reacts with a
"Click" to each stimulus. The material acquired through the narrow streets of my city, it is not always used because of the Law on the Right to Privacy. Although you may make your own original shot and only so much you can claim rights
work of art, the photographer is not preserved by any legal action '.

The street photography, showed us how our parents were, what life was like and the costume over the years, what it hand down to future generations?
In the Company of Big Brother violations of the right to privacy are constantly and continually disregarded by the myriad of cameras, cell phones, navigators and all that can attest to our physical presence in a place
defined in a set time.
Privacy Street is a way to turn the debate on the issue, a way to show that you should lower your attention to an issue, always present, but to date no guarantees but to a release.

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