(De)Composition Parigi Defence 1

(De)Composition Parigi Defence 1

Photography is the key to analysing this complexity, most of all, the key to breaking it down through a double procedure: de-structuring the feelings associated with image and de-structuring both image and feelings in the context of an installation. This is not only enhancing the esprit de geometrie, amplifying the abstraction (or truly extractive) ability of the photographic medium, but also providing the image with absoluteness. Since the image is absolute, it also becomes void of any link to an object. The photograph becomes independent from any sort of story; it rejects the condition of a postcard; it rejects any iconographic background. It shows itself without any reference. It is never a part of a whole: it is an island. It has dismissed its relationship with the real world. And then its parts can give life to an installation that tells a completely different reality.

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