Die ganze Welt und Ihre Ausschnitte_Blatt 2

Die ganze Welt und Ihre Ausschnitte_Blatt 2

An ongoing atlas of palm prints of different individuals, a form of identity proof and distortion at the same time. The inversion of huge-scale figures like for example those of satellite images, reduces big ‘world cutouts’ to outline maps. Inverting the scale rules of cartographical representation while at the same time using similar representational conventions, the microscopic and palpable structures of the subject join the bird-eye view formations of satellite images.

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10 years ago
microbonet Institution
Very good work!!!
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10 years ago
Hi Eleni,
Have you got this message?
Are you interested in participating in an Intrnational Group Exhibition late next year (2010) in Athens???
If yes, then have a look on my C Studio Events(1)...
Keep in touch and take care, yours Takis
Yuri Ivanenko
10 years ago
Yuri Ivanenko Artist
You took fantastic world1 Great work!

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