Installation, Fantasy / Visionary, Light, 80x20x40cm
When we are children, we look at the world without to distinguish between real and fantastic: an illustrated book appears true as any of the inside pictures. Then we grow, and we look no more at those books.
When my former daughter is born, children books returned; when leafing through one of them, I saw a beautiful stylised forest.
I look. I saw. I closed book and eyes. I created a ceiling chandelier: Namu (in Korean, tree). From that, I learned that our surrounding real world is fantastic as the things we can create.
Tree, clouds, rain…
We are surrounded by many things, we consider trivial: we are so used to have them in front of us, that we do not see them anymore, and those things lose any meaning. After that experience, the tree-chandelier, I take a lot of time to look at any surrounding shape: what could they become if…? And thinking it smaller? Or giant?
Lighting design: enlightening me on the real nature of the things, lighting the space of their users. Transformations of the nature, turned into lamp by chance.
Design in polypropylene,poor material mouldable into shapes imitating nature.
metamorPHOSis: light in to objects, light for us (Photo R.Chiesa)

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imelda antonicelli
10 years ago
imelda antonicelli Art lover
Sublime!! Fantastic.
10 years ago Journalist
Good luck for the final.
Surabhi  Saraf
10 years ago
Surabhi Saraf Artist
That is pretty damn Awesome! voted!
Silvia Logi
10 years ago
Silvia Logi Artist
Beautiful... from childish eyes...Silvia
Andrej Mitevski
10 years ago
i like this

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