Siamo Tutti Carte dello stesso Castello

Siamo Tutti Carte dello stesso Castello

Installation, Poverty, Political / Social, Human figure, Various materials, 600x300x500cm
We are all Cards of the same Castle

I have taken the images of this project were taken in Dagoretti, gigantic slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, capital of Kenya. They tell the poverty and distress of the 300 thousand people who live there, but also the beauty of the Children in Need project promoted by the NGO AMREF here. Children in Need aims to recover the "street children": children and teenagers left to fend for themselves in this slum, easy prey to drugs, prostitution, despair. AMREF seeks to restore hope to these shoots, helping them to leave the street and offering them a path - that of socialization, educational activities, painting, acting - that will help them to acquire esteem and self-confidence, to build a future that is not more despair and self-destruction, but of growth.
The last picture is that of a large house of cards. Some cards show images of the Dagoretti slums of Africa and the poorest who suffer. More pictures tell us the luxury of Western consumer society. Apparently, there are two ways the polar opposite, separated in an absolute way. But this separation is a sad illusion. Our Western prosperity rests on fragile papers of the poverty of others, and if the base of the castle gives the whole palace collapses on itself, even dragging us into this precipice.
Any award will be donated entirely to the NGO AMREF

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