cosciente e incosciente

cosciente e incosciente

My work is faithful to my world view. Aesthetic dictates are of no great importance to me and consequently I place no great import on creating “a beautiful painting”.

My primary desire is to express my perception of the world – a complex thing – bright and full of resonating colours and sounds.

The drawings stem from hyper-reality and are a record of how that hyper-reality impinges on my consciousness.

Diana’s work tries to remove itself from all cognitive activity and attempts to distance itself from the hassles of daily life. The omnipotence of colour in her work leads the viewer to enter into a profound state of relaxation.

For this artist, colour is everything, no need to think, no need to worry – feel the colour!

“My work is faithful to my interior model; making a “beautiful painting” is not my priority because certain aesthetic requirements are of secondary importance. What comes first is the desire to express myself with authenticity and shape my own world view, complex, bright, colourful, resonant and deep combined with the desire to convey all possible sensations. This is the true essence of my latest works”.

The drawings originate from a higher level of reality, connected to certain forms of association neglected so far, which record and prove the thoughts and the existence leaving the mark of the artist and his way of life, like an electrocardiogram.

The colour triggers the disinterested play of the mind.

The artist tends to remove permanently of all cognitive mechanisms, to alienate from the major problems of contemporary life and - thanks to the omnipotence of colour - lead the viewer into the deepest states of mind and a profound state of relaxation.

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Paul Brotherton
5 years ago
Paul Brotherton Artist, Designer
Really interesting concept and text.....with inspiring artwork!
Camilla Riccardi
6 years ago
grazie della preferenza, amo i colori e apprezzo la tua poetica
Alessandro Serra
6 years ago
Un capolavoro... complimenti
Gianfranco ferlazzo
6 years ago
Molto interessante, compositavamente intensa e mi piace il segno e le trame che ne seguono,complimenti...
marino felixg
6 years ago
marino felixg Artist
Grazie della preferenza e brava per la realizzazione di quest'Opera, carica già di per se di grandi emozioni.
Complimenti per la tua ricerca estetica e non solo.
rodolfo savoia
6 years ago
grazie per la preferenza. mi piacerebbe vedere altre tue opere. Rodolfo
Vasile Toader
6 years ago
Vasile Toader Artist
E' veramente bella!!
6 years ago
GIAN PIERO TRUCCO Painter, Photographer
originale e molto bella!!
Fernanda Raineri
6 years ago
Bell'intreccio di colori che ispirano emozioni e sensazioni...
Agatino Furnari - Mess
6 years ago
Opera molto bella e veramente rilassante, complimenti.

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