Painting, Emotion, Human figure, Oil, 80x120cm
I did not have the ambition to idealize the subjects I represented, but simply to search knowledge beyond the first appearance, to capture and express their soul and feeling, to transmit their uneasiness, loneliness and existential pains. I tried to transfers on the surface of the canvas moments of lived life, analyze existential problems and I tried to lead the observers to reflect”.
This atmosphere has been appropriately emphasized in his last works “Water”, where the subjects are broken within the crystal water in a multitude of dynamic reflections.
“The water works represent my last project, an extreme challenge which combines the message I tried to transmit in my portraits and figures and the technical complications to render the movement, the transparencies and the light reflections of water and the fragmentation effects of bodies under water. These works are unusual and modern paintings, of the complex realization, with the subjects that crush the crystal of the water in decomposed glares that they decompose the bodies underwater”.
“I have been always attracted by water where I feel in my real environment where I can fluctuate without weight and in full absence of noise. The center here is again the human being dipped in a streaked blue liquid in thousand streams, from the more or less intense colour. He reached a remarkable achievement in his poetic: disappeared the fidelity to the model, all it becomes more fluid and fantastic. These atypical swimmers are new subjects, unknown and, for their dynamism and chromatic liveliness, they communicate infinite feelings of movement and freedom.
Compared to the portraits, where is evident inner psychological torment of the subject. Through water works he tried to transmit a feeling of freedom, serenity, although the feeling of loneliness remains. The whole atmosphere is still intimate and silent but now it is also relaxed. Also through the color he try to have the observer feeling the melancholy, but in a serene atmosphere.
In a nutshell, water and women are two sides of the same medal; a dialogue that covers the entire production of Terdich, a mixture of languages that the artist uses for its personal way of communicating feelings.

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