Inspired by the work of G. Mastorna Journey of Federico Fellini is, in the words of Vincenzo Mollica, "the film is not made ​​most famous in the history of cinema." Over and over again the author had wanted to achieve and was about to do so, but a series of mishaps, personal or not, have always stuck to attain.
Joseph said Mastorna Fernet is a famous clown, whose number is to play the violin or the cello. He has toured the world, and is located in an unspecified northern European capital covered with snow when it goes on a plane, ready to go for yet another leg of his tour. Except that, due to the ongoing snow storm, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in the square of a big city, in front of an imposing gothic cathedral.
  Mastorna tired retires to his room, but before bed turn on the television: the announcer announces the news of a plane crash in the mountains that he left no survivors, however, speaks in German, and Mastorna not understand.
Here the story stops. Fellini did not know (and able) to complete, but we can guess that the plane crash mentioned in the news obviously concerns the plane of Mastorna, and that therefore he is nothing but a dead man who has just started the journey in 'hereafter.

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