Obsolescenza programmata

Obsolescenza programmata

Painting, Political / Social, Symbol / Letter, Mixed technique, 150x200x2cm
The violence, the brutality that modern man turns towards all living beings, particularly to animals. I made a "Golgotha​​," where each animal is to be crucified, the skull of a sheep, the hands that crush a blood clot and wool, the cross made ​​using a few lines from "Van Gogh committed suicide the company" by Antonin Artaud, under a horse's hoof filled with red, then three very familiar polystyrene trays that we find in the supermarket, where the living is there, became an object of pleasure for gourmets too far superfine, but used to think that what they find in the pot, for the simple fact that it is red and made ​​more or less so and so is meat, while it is 88% poison dyes, antibiotics, feed of dubious origin, the living water arsenic ecc. So therefore tortured and sacrificed .... at the end to poison us! Anthropocentrism above all things, and for me so ashamed to be a human being.

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