Painting, Emotion, Fantasy / Visionary, Mixed technique, 70x42cm
Every coin has two sides but tossing it has also a third theoretical outcome; landing on its edge. This is where metamorphosis takes place. Where the bizarre, the impossible, the fantastic and the ugly become the status quo of normality. An absurd harmony and an ultimate state of the sublime, being simultaneously alluring and uncanny.

Diverging from my familiar ‘clear’ sketching techniques, I tried to create a scene of contrasts. Heterogeneous networks create a fragile equilibrium between fluid and lines, leading to confusion. A perplexity in space, posing my question on existence. It is the status of being in the world yet resistant to it. This collective synthesis, which is in constant motion and mutation, molds a unique palette of colors, surfaces, textures and materialities, based on a single tool; black ink.

Technique: Ink, water and chlorine on a plastic surface.

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teruhisa tahara
5 years ago
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Ismini Christakopoulou
5 years ago
Ismini Christakopoulou Architect, Animation artist
in collaboration with Thanasis Farangas

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