Crumpled N6

Crumpled N6

Crumbled N6 is part of a series of works that processes a radical deconstructive practice of pictorial language, identifying the lack of action and uncontrolled disfiguring the survey instrument for new aesthetic formal. The fragile support of paper, coated with white paint, is mistreated, abused and crumpled to then be reopened and stressed in all its asperities with a stretch of black paint which is modeled for the entire new morphology of the surface, generating a texture from what which is commonly seen as an imperfection.
This "defect" is seen not only as a wrinkle of paper, but as a result of shadow, which opens a new polarity between illusion (painting) and reality (light).
Crumpled N6, 2014 crumpled white paint and black paint on paper, 50x70cm

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