prostitution 2

prostitution 2
Did primitive man knew it? His desire inside his engine he did something with it.
from history he had fought for his survival the woman was hunting. It was full of ritual life. Must die, the total strain determined. And fully stretched by the oldest. Perhaps prostitution came when slavery began. My assessment today has its principal features of the woman is protected by several and used by several, as we are experiencing today.
I do not mind that a market has been created. But these people in my view are abused know their how the two women at the center of the streets. Ordered from an old that he drove his wife to death or she was tormented jealous. Curtains open and close!
Or lie and work sneaky lead us in the wrong direction, I experienced the last few months, they are not down with no cars budget but characterless. You know anti-moral world against people they do not know just because of interests.
In addition in one of the ways.
When she no longer needs you throw them in the cemetery. After long well deserved.

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Tanya Bartolini
5 years ago
queste cose non dovrebbe accadere è uno schiaffo morale alla vita ...tantissimi complimenti alla tua sensibilità ogni giorno ci fai riflettere e ci fai conoscere una triste realtà..sei grande...un forte abbraccio al tuo tua amica Tanyaaa:-)))))) un bacioooo!!!....

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