Digital Graphics, Portrait, Human figure, Political / Social, Computer graphics, 50x60cm
‘Facebank’ is an artistic project which combines icons of the world economy with icons of the comic world, born from the necessity to give a face to a faceless power that is more and more characterized by a disarming loss of faith from the general public.
By reworking selected parts and details of the dollar bill, pound sterling and Yuan/Renminbi banknotes, a series of alternated figures come to life which aim to reflect and convey the symbolic value of money and inspire thoughts about the current economic crisis.Special attention is paid to the faces printed on the banknotes. They are taken apart and recomposed to finally take on superhero masks, since ironically they are perceived to be the only possible saviours who could save us out of the crisis.And so, a sort of basic man/woman emerges from the overall picture, who transforms and disguises him/herself, travelling different continents: an efficient and original metaphor for the opportunistic globalisation which we are going through.

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