the mayor

the mayor

The Mayor #01
This diptych belong to a wider project which tells a short journey on five different people, men and women, and their little worlds, newspapers, public and private, in the province of Veneto in Italy. People, towns, villages. Houses and books, travel and stuff their taste.
To understand the pride and hard work of their job, to reflect on the reasons for their success.
The mayor.

In microcosm, does not apply the rules of politics.
In these microcosms everything is lowered into familiar territory and recognizable,
without leaving too far from their own garden.
There is talk of the mayor, before the political man, who is "the neighbor," and that, at least once a week, has a duty to open the doors of his office, to provide answers and offer solutions, to listen to the problems of its citizens.

"The job of mayor," tells the chronicle of five municipal reality of Treviso.
From the small Cison di Valmarino, (2.700 people), to Mogliano Veneto, (nearly 30.000).
Countries led by women and men with different ideas and lifestyles from each other.

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Nicoletta Boraso
4 years ago
Nicoletta Boraso Photographer
Ti ringrazio e scusa per il ritardi nella risposta!
4 years ago
Cielo Artist
Brava: la ricerca, il movimento e la staticità in due immagini "tableu vivant". Davvero complimenti: mi emozionano! Grazie.

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