Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

Painting, Ideas, Human figure, 89x48x5cm
My drawings and paintings work at a description of the people around me as seen through a curtain of surrealistic light. Often these figures are distracted and set against a quiet but visually treacherous space. The situation is generally unclear and seemingly harmless, but there is often some aspect of the work that explores what I believe it means to live in the South. Over time I have come to rely on this format as a means to question what I know. The distance between knowing and not knowing is what interests me. Certainly there are more efficient ways to engage in appearances, but none I believe suggest a perspective so decidedly human as touch with a brush or a stick of charcoal.
The space adumbrated through my mark making is a free-form place where I invite the viewer to dream as I do. The ambiguities of the space can also serve to recall the ambiguities of the Southern experience. If time exists in this place, it would be as the sun rises over and the morning fog starts to burn off. The day I habitually offer is in a state of perpetual beginning where every possibility is waiting. Through Mud and Glass is a project that allows me to draw out a South without borders and questions without answer.

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