Installation, Feelings, Symbol / Letter, Various materials, 200x60x6cm
The first step is always the same: finding the title of the work.
For many artists an incipit is a necessary, a philosophical and literary event that leads to the creative moment, a voluntary choice to travel down a precise formal road. For others, at the beginning of the work’s creation it is necessary to be free of literary and mental beacons which will guide the work towards a specific path showing the awkward presence of consciousness. The title ‘Curami’ came by chance, after reflection with the curator and gallery owner, Claudio Cosma in his gallery, Sensus.
What praises man? What gratifies him? And how does all this happen? We were sitting on the terrace, on a bench, the green ones that are usually found in parks. There, chatting in front of the artwork at one with the surrounding nature, we thought, what gratifies a man is his creativity. The love that puts the things he likes to do and he likes to surround himself with. In justifying the creative solution, we realized that those who create, invent, do so by implementing a fantastic journey through self-care. From here the title of my work ‘Curami’, tanslated in English as ‘Take care of me’ or ‘Cure me’, or in the contemporary art context ‘Curate me’.
Self-care or care is often defined in texts by a general introduction and concept, both theoretical and practical, of all disciplines that govern human knowledge and creative work which reflects on the formation of the individual as a person, with social, professional and emotional qualities. Clearly the strongest arguments for self-care emerge in an artwork which contains educational practices.

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