The videoaudioperformance "MORPHINE" wants to be a reflection on the need for abstraction induced by historical social conditions in which humanity finds itself at this time and is based on the experience of the exposure of neuronal receptors in the CNS and peripheral NS to morphine and on the states of consciousness / unconsciousness, absence and psychophysical perceptions induced by this substance.
In a dark room, heated (26/28 degrees C), the artist lies at the center of the space on a medical bed in torso discovered and eyes closed, half-length painted / made-up of white on which is projected the video "MORPHINE”.
The space is filled with the sound of the video made of synthetic echoes come out as vibrations of neuronal activity; deep, distant voices, distorted, growls, barks alluding to the whole zoomorphic allegory linked to the experience with morphine.
The images that run directly on the torso of the artist produce amorphous morfe with significant meanings. At the entrance of the performance space together with the specifics of the job (video: "MORPHINE" 12 '44 “ in loop Stefano Iraci 2014; music: " Morphine “ Stefano Iraci 2011”, Ombreplanetarie “ Stefano Iraci 2014; Temperature: 26/28 degrees) a brief text will introduce the experience.

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