"Fractal & Shadow"

"Fractal & Shadow"

Sculpture, Ideas, Abstract geometrical, Minimal, Wood, 58.4x11.4x55.8cm
Fractal geometry is primarily used in the measurement of coastlines.
This burl is exactly how I found it--from a "Big Leaf" Maple tree in California (a sub-specie of soft maple. The true maple only grows in North America.)
Black Chlorite (this rock came from British Columbia) is a grey stone which turns black with the application of a finish. I cut it's outline (with a jig saw) to the exact contour of the burl. The rock of course is the "shadow" of the title.
Coastlines, trees, and stone are all essential features of our planet. Hence the piece.
Materials: Black Chlorite, Big Leaf Maple Burl, Stainless Steel Rods, Vinyl Pads (feet), Epoxy & Super Glues, Colour Sealant, Walnut Oil

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Maria Grazia De Cubellis
5 years ago
I love it! Simple and pure

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