'Witnessed Winter'         (read the description important!)

'Witnessed Winter' (read the description important!)

Painting, Ideas, Abstract informal, Landscape, Mixed technique, 60x50x0.5cm
In this watercolor you see an abstract winter landscape. For this particular scene the artist searched for the essence of a winter feeling, not necessarily embodied in a visual representation (colors, form, etc.) but rather embodied in the methods used to paint and the material aspect of the painting.

During his studies the artist developed a new painting method that allowed him to paint with chemical reactions in order to give them an artistic goal rather than the traditional scientific goals. In this painting the artist paints with various crystallization processes. It is very interesting to see how similar these structures are to the crystal structures we find in Ice (if you look at Ice under a microscope). These structures are in some way the larger version of these microstructures in ice. So it is actually possible to give some sort of frozen character to the winter-landscapes so the viewer can actually feel the winter through these structures. This watercolor 'winterscape' is created with the use of water and fire. A stronger contrast while painting is probably impossible.

I want to conclude with this special remark (the rest of the discovery is up to you): These winter-scenes require a particular atmosphere. For this particular winter-scene (these particular chemical components) it is actually essential to paint it during a colder period of time (during the winter).

PS: This style of painting is very dangerous (don't try this without the essential knowledge). The methods needed to paint these paintings are protected with patents!

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mita  solanky
5 years ago
mita solanky Artist
winter chemistry - nice :-)

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