Flowing, vibrant, unbroken
Centers connected

A map of a transportation system represents the collective need of millions of individuals. Like a path that becomes a road, and expands into a highway, the iron rail carves the ritualistic movement of a city's life. As a result, the map is the most apt tool when describing a city, both its material structure and its people.

This collection links 6 of the worlds major cities in a flowing form of movement and energy. Each city is to scale with its own unique design and characteristic. From Manhattans densely woven lines spreading out to sparse, massive country, or Beijing’s square, rigidly organized pattern encircling the Forbidden City, to the dense medieval labyrinths under cities destroyed and rebuilt in the modern era, you can see the relationship the metropolis has with its hinterland, and the personality of those who ride its rails.

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6 years ago
AmiR Artist
Wonderfullll!!!!admire Ur Greaat view!!
Maria Elena  Ritorto
6 years ago
Opere bellissime...bravo!!!

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