Ask, Downingtown Paper Mill

Ask, Downingtown Paper Mill

Image of abandoned paper mill in Downingtown, PA, USA. Part of my series "Traces".

Wishing to expose the false sense of permanence that man-made structures ultimately represent, "Traces" explores the interaction of a permanent, undeniably universal constant (light) with seemingly permanent, but ultimately far more mercurial, environments (man-made structures). Through the use of both existing, natural light, and carefully controlled artificial lighting, a deconstruction of this reality occurs – one that draws parallels between the base fears of humanity itself (impermanence of life, loneliness, and eventual death) and the structures they erect – a shared sense of eventual and inevitable destruction.

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Eleonora Cerri Pecorella
5 years ago
Eleonora Cerri Pecorella Artist, Photographer

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