Ingredients: Flour, yeast, water and salt.

It’s an intense, sensitive and empathic action during which a daily task, as bread making, is brought to the extreme, and each part of the body, each pore of the skin, makes contact with the flour. This daily gesture is transformed into a poetic act full of symbolism and sensations, and is transformed into a public gesture. The action requires direct contact with the audience since it becomes part of the action.
Creation, birth, maternity, sacrifice, bread with its profane and sacred symbolism, symbol of spirituality, passion, and fertility at the same time.

The bread, product of performance, cooked and ready to eat, is brought back into the urban context of the city as a sculpture, as a piece resulting of the performative action. The bread makes contrast with the public space, since it’s usually associated with private space. The public bread is the bread of wartime, when it’s rationed due to scarcity and poverty.

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Arrighi Margherita
6 years ago
6 years ago
venditarte Gallery
brava, peccato la qualità d ripresa... se ti dovesse interessare ripresa full HD 1080P la posso fare io. ciao
Masami Teraoka
6 years ago
Inspiring, thought provoking, sensual and evocative! I loved the succinct articulation of the implication that you may wish to express by using such humble materials. What is your thoughts and intention that you are trying to convey. I hope to hear from you thanks. Aloha!
7 years ago
bellissima opera ....complimenti
Michael Pratt
7 years ago
Michael Pratt Artist
Ivan Marignoni
7 years ago
brava, complimenti
Giovanni Longo
7 years ago
giancarlo marcali
7 years ago
bellissimo complimenti
7 years ago
mabar Artist
porque el desnudo es sensualidad? porque es el cuerpo de una mujer ...sensualidad
la performance es perfecta. jogar con la vida. excelente
Ronnie Tres Reyes
7 years ago
wonderful performance!

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