Temple IV

Temple IV

Painting, Ideas, Architecture, Landscape, Oil, 130x97cm
The series of paintings titled "Temples" are pieces of industrial enterprises constructions, set in the background of their natural surroundings. Represented as clipping or collage in the landscape, the images acquire new different contexts.
The huge industrial areas appear as an integral part of the urban space, yet remain distant and autonomous. Their impressive scale spread over large areas, creating a
categorical and heavy rhythm of the landscape. Formally speaking – chimneys,
the winding maze of pipes and all industrial facilities around them, melt into silhouettes that resemble and remind the outline of temples. Figuratively, a temple is a place to feel reverence for what is created and made inside it. Today, these industrial structures rise in their shabby "gloss" as monuments of a political utopia.
The word "utopia" literally means "no place". In this context, the large-scale structures- a symbol of the ideological monopoly in the recent past, now mystically stretch in the outlying urban areas. They are both "here" and "nowhere”. Somewhere beyond the outskirts of the town, merging in nature, these complexes exist in their own context. As though wrapped in mystery, they are hanging like silent monuments - temples.

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Teresa Palombini
6 years ago
Rosalba Acquaro
6 years ago
Mi piace il contrasto tra l'atmosfera triste della città rappresentata e l'allegria dei girasoli
Gianpaolo Marchesi
6 years ago

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