Video, Emotion, Illustration, Short film, 8:35
The news reverberated like the sound of a bomb! A collection of over 1400 masterpieces, more than one billion euros worth, which was thought to have been destroyed in Allied bombing, was found in Cornelius Gurlit’s apartment. This prompted me to search the Internet and the press and to find out a bit more about it. I strongly believe that there are still works of art hidden after the World War II. My work is an attempt to present, through both the animation and the photography, the feelings I had while watching and reading materials on this topic. Since Degenerate Art (Entartete Kunst) exhibition in Berlin in 1937, many capital works have been destroyed as the Nazis had sightless view of art and the world they created. During the war and in the end, the masterpieces were left in depots, hidden in mineshafts, transported by trucks and hidden in private collections.
I hope we will never again let wars destroy historical values we are obliged by.
Music Jovan Pavlovic.

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