Unity and Love and Freedom

Unity and Love and Freedom

In an attempt to write about this piece, I tried to jot down a few words full of precise, personal and culturally as well as politically interesting references to the condition of a foreigner from within Europe in a society which is European and yet foreign to me – maybe even references to the beauty of discovery and finding oneself in the other – when I realized that the words that I had scribbled down were similar to the lyrics of the German national anthem, at least the part that I was committed to sing in the singing class documented in this piece.
When I was reading an English translation of the German national anthem to Alexander, my pronunciation made "law" sound like "love".
“Unity and law and freedom”  (Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit) are the exact words that appear in the German national anthem – but not “love”.
It’s difficult, almost impossible, definitely unusual, to find a national anthem that speaks of love.  

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