L C M [les champs magnétiques]

Live Media, Abstract geometrical, Fantasy / Visionary, Landscape, Real time processing graphics
les champs magnétiques is a live media performance based on a novel by André Breton and Philippe Soupault, where the action of one of two players spontaneously influences the reaction of the adversary on the stage.

In these magnetic fields, two players face each other in a fighting dance live improvisation.
At the end of this initiatory clash, the winner (the Chosen one) undertakes a trip in order to build its own celestial body.

dies_: visual concept and sounds
orgone: visual concept and programming

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Bettina Patermo
9 years ago
wow, how fantastic !!! greatings bettina
Adam Martinakis
10 years ago
It is very good, congrats.
discordant photography
10 years ago
ei bertram!
voglio essere alla performance il 25!
10 years ago
Red Curator
Great sound/lights war
Raffaele Gatti
10 years ago
Raffaele Gatti Art lover
otolab [dies_ orgone]
10 years ago
thanks - merci - grazie !!!
Fabrizio Fedeli
10 years ago
Fabrizio Fedeli Journalist
10 years ago
Italyisin.com Journalist
Good luck for the finals!
Roberto  Ratti
10 years ago
Roberto Ratti Art lover
11 years ago
welovecinema Artist
love this kind of work! beautifull

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