Palestine/ Israel  Ununite

Palestine/ Israel Ununite

Palestine an issue for me since my birth. So I wait with hope since 1992. In 1994, Oslo agreement but the state did not. Why? who is to blame why not some two parties. In peace time the hatred is quiet disappears. You start negotiations and endless discussions begin. So everyone thinks Reasonable Man, everyday man.
If the politicians catch up to discuss the crossing. Instead agreements the chairs is beaten, the pens and paper flying through the world, no we are not there yet. Then one seeks protection under cabinet, since the parties went in deadly TV transmissions.
Please only the contract can be seen if one is compatible, you can still get the contract Announce but please do not because of the prisoners.
knows every Israelite and Jew in the world to live in his home. The wish for many Palestinians, not to live in fear state. But it is what the unrest rather have and beat of him around. I can imagine it will not last long, they will feel more comfortable without nocturnal raid of the Jewish state. The state is a right every human being. Give the Palestinians their right of 1967th
I can not guarantee I do not want overlapped by all parties.

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