The image Cain has been always overvalued for different artists and writers, for being a rebel, for apparently facing god, for being passional, for being unmerciful in front of iniquity, for being an slayer that kills with his strength, for being powerful; all these are values that within visual arts and literature have become commons places in the construction of seductive characters. Abel, Cain brother, victim of his wrath, has been left aside even where he is precisely the golden boy. Cain killed because he was blind, because he did not realize the difference, because where he saw just injustice, there were just epistemological differences between them. He was in front of a pair of forking paths that have unconnected ends and couldn´t afford it. There are gold and silver made tools but there are wood and clay made ones. “Abelianas” is essentially a sensations generator from movement, a generator of seductive emotions, it seeks to create within the viewer an experience of sensation that avoids the functional aims that an intellectual interpretation can provide him.

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10 years ago
Dome Artist
muy muy bueno. felicidades por tu gran trabajo.
10 years ago
Alienatio Artist
Surabhi  Saraf
10 years ago
Surabhi Saraf Artist
Awesome! Good Job and Congratulations for being selected as the finalist.

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