l'idea di tempo nella mia mente...#9

l'idea di tempo nella mia mente...#9

In the silence, all objects have their foundation. It is the light that creates the objects, which shapes them and shape them. All movements, all activities are harmonized by silence. Silence is not opposed to noise. It is beyond the positive and the negative. Silence dissolves all objects. It is not connected to any other party that belongs to the mind. The silence has nothing to do with the mind. Can not be defined, but can be heard directly because it is our intimacy.

Jein Klein (1912-1998)
(spiritual teacher and philosopher of Advaita Vedanta (school of Hindu religion on nondualism).

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Américo Valadez
6 years ago
Américo Valadez Photographer
Good effects of the shadows and light!

Gianpaolo Marchesi
6 years ago
Valérie  Cagnoli
6 years ago
Bellissima anche questa, adoro le persiane!!!
Tanya Bartolini
6 years ago
Grandi fotografie opere immense per una frase che fa aprire il cuore la vita....tantissimi complimenti per tutto...un abbraccio immenso....Tanya!!:)))) il tempo con te si è fermato a lasciato posto alla passione.....

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