pursuit of happiness

pursuit of happiness

Digital Photography, Portrait, Architecture, Landscape, Mixed technique, 120x150cm
!one out of three! i just can upload one picture!
!whole work consists of three prints!
!each one is 120x150cm!

sorry... but i dont no why i just can upload one picture...

its about the impossibility of the pursuit of happiness...

there is no way to pursue for happiness.

its about finding the right place in society... and the trouble with that.

where do i want to live... and how?

its about what should... and what do i want to do to get accepted.

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Alessandro Fascini
7 years ago
very cool!!
jaya  suberg
8 years ago
jaya suberg Artist
cool work!
ZIQQURAT ugocròm Zatini
9 years ago
angela  trapani
9 years ago
pensiero universale! congratulazioni!
Slava Zhdanov
9 years ago
Slava Zhdanov Artist
realy great!!!
Marta Bernareggi
9 years ago
javier milara
9 years ago
javier milara Artist
interesting concept! good luck!

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